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Oil field Services, Oilfield Equipment, Oilfield Supply
Industrial, Refinery, Petroleum Equipment Supply

Drilling Services

In association with our partner companies, who are market leaders in the drilling services, we offer comprehensive oilfield services such as seismic services for exploration, separation technologies, drilling services, specialty chemical production, and petrophysical and geophysical data acquisition, processing and analyzing services.

Offshore Drilling Services

Onshore Drilling Services

We offer a combined field experience in pipelining and directional drilling and provide directional drilling work in environmentally sensitive areas.

 General Drilling Services   

  • Contract Drilling
  • Deepwater Drilling
  • Directional Drilling Services
  • Land Drilling Services
  • Mud Logging Services
  • Offshore lab services
  • Workover
  • Production Enhancement Services
  • Shallow Water Drilling
  • We also Offer >

  • Conventional Drillships
  • Deepwater Rigs
  • Jackups
  • Semi-Submersibles
  • Ultra-Deepwater Semisubmersible Rig
  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Rigs
  • Offshore Platforms
  •  Drilling Equipment   

  • Derrick or Mast
  • Hoisting Equipment
  • Rotary System
  • Well Control Equipment
  • Systems for Storing
  • Treating and Pumping Drilling Fluids
  • Power Plant
  • We also offer full oilfield reservoir testing services gas-to-oil ratio, crude oil assay, natural gas analyses, water content, sulphur content, hydrates, methanol and other trace analysis testing.

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